Metal week!

A little play on words there - it has been mental but also metal - as in silver - its so theraputic I love spending time with my metal! Luckily I have a load of commissions to complete which gives me a chance to play without the guilt of knowing I need to add even more things to my website.

Look at the beautiful blue sea glass I found in my sea glass box - three different shades - of course this little beauty is already on the wrist of the owner and she's lucky I even decided to send it - you know how I am with blue!


I also would like to say my valium wearing off was like the morning after, headache and lethargy - in fact it felt like I hadn't slept for 48 hours!! But hey they worked at the time and made a terrifying (for me) experiance much easier ;0) My mouth is still feeling odd but hopefully its all sorting itself out now. Again thanks for the hugs and love you all have shown me :D

© Gemheaven 2008

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Lucinda said...

So I was even luckier than I thought to get hold of that bracelet was I?! It's totally fab, I love it!