Sometimes I wonder where the days go - I spend half my week looking forward to the weekend - and then then the weekend mysteriously disappears into Sunday evening and the cycle starts again!! Personally I think weekends should be 3 days long - now this isn't anything to do with having days off - you'll find me creating whatever the day of the week it is - but to do with my dh and dd (Husband and daughter) you see they just start to settle and relax and BAM it's over!

Ever since Elli started school her outlook on leaving the house has changed - before school she wanted "out out" always wanted to know what trip or friends we were going to see, what park or even shopping was an adventure. Now at the tender age of 6 (going on 16) she hates leaving the house at weekends - preferring to "relax Mummy" Now is this because she loves playing on the computor or drawing her pictures of princesses, unicorns and horses or is it because the school system means she HAS to leave the house every morning and when she does come home, so many hours later she has homework and after school activities - maybe like me she likes the fact on a weekend there are no rules, no alarms and no rushing.

Hopefully this year the summer will actually arrive and stay for more than a week! Then the joy of a weekend in the garden, riding bikes and having picnics will change her idea of relaxing all over again. *sigh hurry up spring......
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BetteJo said...

I so agree about 3 day weekends. Yes, I wait for them and they come - and go faster than I can appreciate them. Sigh-h.

Kebo Jewellery said...

I am so in favour of a 3 day weekend!!! I spend by week wishing it was the weekend and every weekend without fail goes in the blink of an eye. As I sit here typing, it is Sunday evening and I am dreading going to bed cos I know that when I open my eyes, it is time to get up and be part of the horrid rat race for another 5 days!!!

Gorgeous pieces Jo. What is that blue stone in the first picture, the colour really pops...or is that you amazing photography...btw, are you a professional photographer?

Oops, just realised that this is the longest comment I have ever left on a blog!!!!

Sandra Evertson said...

Your jewelry is Amazing! So Beautiful!
Sandra Evertson

Gemheaven said...

See its not just me!!

Kelly I used to work as a photographers assistant maybe thats made me fussy when it comes to pics I'm not sure - would prefer to use morel ights etc but hey natural is better somedays lol

The first pic gemstone is lapis lazuli - its a fab colour isn't it!

fhiona galloway said...

oh I love those earrings-so pretty and the colours are so nice.

KARA said...

oh I want 5 day weekends, I never even seem to want to get out of bed at mo on weekends I am so tired.
Poor little sweet eli, she deserves play time and relax time.
Love love love those top earrings the blue is gorgeous

Brandi said...

yes, yes, hurry up spring!!

i heart the kisses and kyanite earrings... soo lovely!

msbelle said...

Yes, 3 days would be good. My son (whom you said is the same age as your daughter) is always asking what day it is. "How many more days until the weekend?" So I now have a calendar in his room so he will know for himself when he has to get up and when he can sleep in! I like to sleep in!