OK tooth is now sorted - we hope so I want all of you to keep fingers crossed for me for the next few weeks that a root canal is not needed!! I also want to thank everyone for there hints and tips you sent me. The wriggling of toes when the injection was given was fab - it worked and of course I'd like to thank the drugs -although I think taking 3 this morning might have been a little over the top!! My poor dentist was greeted by me shouting up the stairs "Its ok I won't cry today I'm on drugs" *yes I'm blushing. I also think I was chatting nine to the dozen throughout the experiance but I have to say I was extremly impressed by how gentle he was - yes I shook like a jelly but I also managed to lie there with his hands and tools in my mouth - big feet - although in my haze I think I told him I didn't like to be interfered with *eeeek

Its funny how now I'm coming off them I feel hungover and having flashbacks of the morning - my lovely friend Clare who drove me there and back said I was hilarious and I just thank the lord I didn't run naked through the town centre because I have a feeling I was game for anything!! But yes I'm suffering now - I think I could sleep for a week!! I also told the dentist about my blog so I hope to goodness he doesn't find it - I remember refusing to give him the name of my business lol so hopefully he forgot and won't come searching!! If he does "hello" and the previous blog post was written through sheer terror and I like you really!!!!!

Huge thank yous to all my lovely friends the hugs and goodluck vibes helped me so much :D

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Jewellery Craft said...

Sounds to me as if you got through it with flying colours, well flying anyway..........

Just love the heart to heart earrings!

Beverley Abbott said...

Oh my little lovely!! I am so thrilled you have your teeth sorted now, I bet it was so funny watching you in the dentist chair!
Am loving the heart pieces babe - I think if you can produce such beauties when your on valium then there is not stopping you!!
Well done and speak in a fortnight xxxxxx

Kebo Jewellery said...

Fingers crossed for you and I hope everything is ok!!

I did have a chuckle at your post!!

Lovely pieces too!

K x

Laura said...

Glad that you got through it OK, Jo! Well done you!

Fingers crossed that that's the end of it.

Loving your jewellery - the hearts are lovely.

Laura x

Jo said...

I'm so glad you got it sorted out Jo! The toes thing really does work, doesn't it?! I didn't believe my dentist when she suggested it to me, but she was right. Glad it helped you too.

Lisa Horner said...

I haven't read these for a while. Oh your so funny! I haven't read all the dentist tales, I'll have to catch up. How hilarious - you could double up as a humurous writer and a jewellery maker.
Anyway I do sympathise. lol

Jennifer said...

ROFL!!!! Oh Jo!! You poor thing!!! You must have been hilarious! *grin*

Thank the Lord you are feeling better!!!

*smoochies* XOXOXOXO - Jen

BetteJo said...

Love the "heart full" SO cute!
Glad your visit to the dentist wasn't as bad as you were expecting and all your "methods" made a difference. :)

Brandi said...

i'm glad everything's sorted out now!! :)