I am here

Me and my broken tooth!! I'm hoping to get an emergency appointment tomorrow - if I'm lucky but if not I think I'm going to try another dentist - its driving me potty! Anyway enough boring you with my mouth issues. I have been busy making and creating so will have a few bits to show you this week. Off course I am a little addicted to my silverwork so really must create something with my beautiful lampwork beauties I collected over the past two months ready for the new year! The above necklace is with a fabulous Labradorite focal, rondelles and little Karen Hill Tribe charms. She's on a long 30" chain but it can be changed to a shorter one if necessary.

Of course I had to make matching earrings - these will go with the bracelet (Posted on Friday) or with the focal!! On more of my hammered rings. "E" and I also had fun playing with my disc cutter and we made our first bead - having "E" there beside me is great as he shows no fear when it comes to experimenting - the disc cutter and doming set is all so new I prefer really to just play with different ideas but of course being a man he likes to go the hole hog!!

It will be so nice to eventually use my own silver beads and I have so many ideas but not sure how soon that will be though. It great fun to experiment though :D

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Crafted Gems said...

ooooooooooooooooooo lovely work as usual hun!

Good luck with the dentist

BetteJo said...

Oh my gosh stuff must work differently over there - here in the US - your regular dentist would take you in for a broken tooth - next day at the latest - usually the same day. Feel bad for you!
Beautiful stuff as always. Love the pendent!

Brandi said...

ohhh, jo, i'm soo so sorry to hear about your tooth!! i just read the last few entries i missed - i wish i could give you a hug or beat your dentist!! (whichever, your choice, hehe.)

but your jewelry is stunning, though. :D i think that's so cool you can make your own silver beads.

KARA said...

wow weee, look at you mrs, ok when are you gonna start selling, I will be first in the que.
I love the necklace and what a yummy length