Beach Inspired!

After the day we had at the beach (see post below) you couldn't expect anything less then beach inspired jewellery! Luckily I'd just taken delivery of some fabulous shells that Isabelle Anderson had made me ready for my Sea Gem section on my website which I like to fill with not only sea glass but beach themed bracelets, necklaces and earrings. Sadly in the winter months the urge to create is not so strong - probably something to do with its too cold and wet for the beach!!

I love seaglass as you all know and owuld love to be able to do more with it - unfortunately at the moment my silver skills aren't up to the standard of bezels and things but one lady who is just fantastic with sea glass is Barb Macy - her sea glass jewellery (and all her jewellery) is fab and her blog makes a great read especially if you are a jewellery designer.

So did you all notice??? - no oxidisation today!!!


Jewellery Craft said...

Love the bracelet, love it, love it, love it, love it, love it!

Sorry, I'm doing it again and getting carried away, but do love that bracelet!

Mandie xxx

PS, I REALLY love it

Kebo Jewellery said...

OH MY GOD...these are my favourite pieces of yours ever, I love them!!!

I too am inspired by the sea, unfortunately not because I live by it but because I so desperately want to live by it. I love anything to do with shells.

Fab work Jo!!!


Jo said...

Wow! They are really beautiful!

KARA said...

well as you know from Flickr I just think these 2 pieces are gorgeous, I totally love them, great combos and colours

Jewellery Craft said...

I'm sorry, I've just got to say it......Just once more.......


M xxx

I'll leave you alone now.......promise!

Gemheaven said...

Mandie have you been at the cold remedies again ;)

You do make me laugh!

Jewellery Craft said...

Ummmmmmmmmm, nope! No cold remedies today not unless you count the very smallish vodka upon my return from a hard days work in a bead shop, ha ha titter titter......

I'm sorry, am I losing the plot....... but I definately LOVE that bracelet!!!


BetteJo said...

Oh my gosh that stuff is gorgeous! I am totally jealous of your creativity!