Foggy Start

Damp and foggy this morning when we walked to school , yesterday's sunshine was a distant memory. I do have these lovely Amethyst earrings to show you though (The birthstone for February!) which are lovely and cheery! The thing about fog is its chilly, I don't think I've felt warm all day. But the weather report is for warmer sunny weather so bring it on

This pendant to me looks like a spring bouquet with teeny weeny little fw pearls, rose quartz, amethyst and peridot. I have a feeling I am pining for the change of seasons, or maybe I'm just thinking ahead! I've included the picture of it hanging so you can see how sweet it is.

Of course today I have been oxidising so, todays blog may be sweet and cheery but in a few days expect to see some darker pieces, including another bangle and bracelet! But tomorrow, fingers crossed I have a beautiful bracelet to show you - I will be very torn to sell this one I can tell you!


Jewellery Craft said...

Arhhhhh, not another beautiful bracelet, I've just seen one on flickr and I'm having one of those "love it" moments......will I be having another tomorrow, best prepare!


Gemheaven said...

Don't worry Mandie Flickr always gets the pics first teehee!! Although I have two bangles and a bracelet to be photographed in the morning ;0)

Jewellery Craft said...

PS....think I'm having a "love it" moment over those earrings also

Mandie :-)

Brandi said...

That pendant is fab, Jo! I'm ready for a change of seasons myself, and I'm not afraid to admit it!

As far as Tamara's beads go, I think she ships out of the US - if not, I can ship it to you if you want!

Laura said...

I'm with Mandie on the earrings. I love them! I love them a lot!

Laura x

Anonymous said...

Love the pendant, wouldn't be just perfect worn by a spring bride?

BetteJo said...

Love the pendant! Love your color combinations.