Where's the week gone!

Hmmm not that Friday feeling - more a feeling of where has the week flown by too! Time goes by so quickly doesn't it - the good thing about school holidays is Elli and I become more in tune - of course normal school weeks I'm a Mummy who is always saying 'Homework' or 'Bed' or 'Swimming lessons' , but holidays we all become more chilled out and my sleepy 6 yr old really knows how to chill out!
Another wire wrapped bracelet to show you - again with Caroline's beads, the patterns in the glass sung tigers stripes at me, yet once I started playing the other colours just popped! out. I've used bronze fw pearls, prehnite, amethyst, garnet, green apaptite, and of course aa couple of charms, then of course she was Oxidised and hand-polished. Can you tell I love this technique!


Jewellery Craft said...

Hi hun, perfect name for a beautiful bracelet. Hope Eli had a great half term, mine are off this week coming and youngest is poorly, typical!

I've awarded you the "Make My Day" award, check out my blog.


Jo said...

I love the bracelet Jo - beautiful colours!
I've just given you a 'You Make My Day Award'. See my blog for details.

Krista said...

Beautiful, those beads are stunning 2, Krista x

BetteJo said...

Oh it's gorgeous! Just love your style!

Nicole Solo said...

this is gorgeous! I love the metal with the earthy colored glass