Half way

I've been soldering - so I stopped halfway through 3 chains and made a couple of pairs of these earrings. I have kept one pair for myself - I need to test them out right?! They are so light , yet they catch the light enough for people to see them on - so I'm happy with this design - another I think which will be kept on.
I also made this necklace - these beads of Claire's, of Rowanberrys Glass Art, definately talk to me, they trully misbehaved and although were a bracelet in my head decided they wanted to be a necklace. Now most of you will probably read this and think I've completely lost the plot. BUt you see most jewellery designers will say the same thing, whether it our muses stepping in or whether these beads created by artisans carry some personality I have no idea. Claire thinks all beads have a fiery nature because they are born from the fire!!
I think I'm going to leave it there before I make you think anything else!! Hopefully will be back tomorrow I have lots more to show and all my delicious gemstones arrived - *sigh!


Jewellery Craft said...

I absolutely agree....If the beads aren't talking then I don't design or rather I can make but its all a bit of an effort....if the beads are talking then I can make an make an not want to stop!

Mean't to ask how did wee girl get on at the disco?

Gemheaven said...

lol I didn't say did I???

She loved it - had a frantastic time and was giggley cos her "true love" - her words not mine - was there bless!!

Jewellery Craft said...

arrh, bless, thats lovely, glad she had a wonderful time!!!!

Also and I just say "the earrings are FAB"


Alibongo said...

Fab necklace, Jo, love the mix of the two colours and definately a great name. Those earrings look amazing, bet they feel lovely on.

Jo said...

I know exactly what you mean about the beads! I have had a set of Beads on Toast beads partly made into a bracelet sitting on my desk since November - they turned into a necklace on Sunday!
I love the earrings - simple and sophiscated.
Jo x

BetteJo said...

I'm always saying the same thing but - beautiful jewelry as usual! I always love your use of silver and those beads are wonderful!