I hope everyone had a fantastic Christmas - we did, although I seem to be sleeping constantly - is this a way of catching up or have I got a sleeping disease?? Eleven hours of sleep - feel like a baby - or I wish I did - is there such a thing as a too much sleep though because I certainly don't feel refreshed!! In fact I could go to bed right now except the cat is sprawled out on it and Elli is playing with her lego and needs a little help now and again - where's E ?? Three guesses - yes the golf course!

The above bracelet has beautiful artisan glass beads by Clare SCott with Amazonite, Karen Hill Tribe Silver and swarovski crystals.

THoroghly spoilt this year by my lovely family and a few silverwork tools were had so keep an eye out for some more silver pieces from me in the very near future! MY list for new goodies for the website is ready so I promise at some point in the day tomorrow I will add them - patience will be needed as I can't promise I will be up and about early or with a clear head!!

Wishing everyone a Wonderful 2008 - enjoy your evenings and above all Stay Safe!
© Gemheaven 2007


Merry Christmas!

Elli is on count down as and from later today the Christmas here begins - meeting and seeing friends for gift giving and lots laughter! So i thought a quick post now would be better then waking up on Christmas morning knowing I had no chance to wish you all - my friends and customers of 2007 a Very Merry Christmas. So here I am!!
SO to everyone who has supported me during 2007 - I really am blessed with so many talented, and wonderful friends and also my customers who without whom my inspiration could not have been channeled!!
See you all very soon
Loads of love
Jo & Family
(The above necklace "Ethereal Forest" includes artisan beads by Isabelle Anderson with gemstones and crystals)
© Gemheaven 2007


How hard??

Oh I have a ton of pieces to show you but I can't!!!! Its so hard to not be able to say lookie at my lastest (big show off am I!!) but you never know who is looking on my blog and I'd hate to ruin a Christmas surprise! So for all of you thinking I'd taken my Christmas break early -I haven't today I have made some more pieces - near the end now - and of course wrapped everything up ready for collection ...phew

These little beauties though (Not the charm bracelet) are going on my site in the New year - petrol tourmaline - the colours are fabulous don't you think?? Golden brown through to green - simply stunning - maybe I'll keep these (lol!) Whats everyone else up to then??
© Gemheaven 2007


Who hid Thursday??

Arghhh the week is going too fast and I haven't written a single card yet!! I know I'm not the only one but its starting to get scary!! On a good note Elli did her nativity without tears yesterday which was lovely but Daddy says it was because of him being there *rolls eyes!!

I seem to be missing parcels though - beads, dvds, cd's, silver, more beads,and gemstones - for some reason things are taking an age to get to me and I'm starting to worry - now someone tell me if the post office is striking and I just don't know it or is someone sitting looking at my beads and wondering who they are for?? I'm impatient for my parcels as it is but when I have a commission to finish for next Thursday and the componants haven't arrived yet the panic does set in - so maybe if you all cross your fingers for me they'll arrive tomorrow morning - tell you what - anything that arrives tomorrow morning I'll photograph them for you to see - ok??

Lots of gemstone jewellery I have been creating this week as you can see - the bottom one is a sterling silver ring with garnets and silver.

© Gemheaven 2007



Today was Elli's first day of her nativity at school - my little munchkin was an angel but when I arrived at school she was an angel in floods of tears - her tummy hurt and she wanted to go home. Now any Mother with a dramatic child will go through the same questions as I did - first the soft cajoling, then the concerned maybe she's going to be ill again (see yesterdays post!) then the bribe - if the bribe doesn't work then she really is poorly - it didn't to begin with I said no to Rainbows later and she shook her head - then her teacher offered a merit - these little stickers they are given for good work - and all of a sudden she nodded and decided to be brave - what is it with stickers lol!!


Anyway she did the nativity with her angel song and routine - made Mummy's eyes water too!! But because she did do the play I had to let her go to Rainbows last evening with Mums and Daughters so I'm all covered in glitter and glue - great fun crafting!!

I'm off to crash on the sofa now - until tomorrows play - fingers crossed she makes it for Daddy to watch!!


Its Monday - right??

Its no good having Elli home from school - it throws my week right out - so its not Monday?? Elli has gone back to school today - no temperature this morning and she was desperate to go because their school nativity starts tomorrow so off she went wrapped up in her hat, scarf and gloves!! It was freezing this morning or as Elli calls it "Jack Frost has been".

I actually started on my family's pressies this morning - of course I can't show you because they may peak!! Lets just say I nearly froze my fingers off this morning in my garage it was so cold - think I may have to invest in a little heater to take the edge off the cold air in there. Cold hands does not make it easy to work especially when you keep hammering your fingers at the same time!!

The above necklace is created with Isabelle Anderson's etched purple beads with amethyst and silver - on silver adjustable chain - what do you think??


I've been tagged!

I've been tagged by Brandi of Caties Blue so I'm going to bore you with 5 things about me!

1) I'm the youngest of 3 girls - my poor football mad Dad was desperate for a son!
2) I bite my nails - I didn't used to though so if anyone has any hints or tips I'd love to stop!
3) I Love reading chicklit - you know the ones girl meets boy blah blah blah
4) I adore history especially the Tudor times - how they live etc
5) I bought a dress yesterday hahah

I'm tagging Caroline of Crafted Gems ,Catherine of La Perle,Krista of Crystal Seas, and Mandie of Jewellery Craft. Hope you enjoy being tagged!!

The weather prompted me to make this necklace - chunky silver and Crystal Quartz with Isabelle Andersons beautiful artisan glass beads. Mind you it's a definate year round necklace!


Something Warm!


Brrr hasn't it gone all cold and stormy outside - walking Elli to school this morning was a battle and a half ! I felt like tying a rope around Elli's ankle just in case she did that Mary Poppins thing and took off! When Elli was about 3 and at afternoon nursery I remember walking to school with my brolly up. The wind was so strong it kept tugging it and I remember saying to my friend "Ohhh I'm gonna take off" with that a little hand came out and took my hand - tight and I mean so tight I could feel the blood leaving lol then another little hand and took hold of my coat. Looking down I saw a very worried 3 yr old and asked her what was the matter - "I don't want you to turn into Mary Poppins Mummy - she never came back!" Bless her - Mary Poppins was her favourite film - maybe she had overload;)

The above bracelet is with Carolines beautiful beads and mixed with deep Carnelian and Bali silver give a rich and warm looking bracelet don't you think?? The earrings of course are Isabelle Anderson beautiful simple earrings with a touch of Bali silver.


Happy Birthday Nan!

Today my lovely Nan is 85 shhhh don't tell her I told you - you see its a secret she tells everyone she's 39!!! Ever since I was little my Nan has been 39 and yes it took a few years to sink in that she wasn't really - trusting little soul I was!

My Nan has always been an inspiration to me - life is always happy and full of fun - we not similar except I suppose I am a morning person ;) and I have her black hair but you see my Nan was beautiful - pictures of her as a young woman I see her as glamourous in that 1940's way - like the movie stars - I have heard she caused a stir when she moved down to Mevagissey after meeting and marrying my Pops - she was born and raised in Tunbridge Wells. During the war while my Pops was stationed in Kent (thats when they met) my Nan worked in an aeroplane factory - building parts for the aircraft- she said she never understood why she couldn't have been sent to the chocolate factory!!

SO I made these pieces for my Nan - she loves purple which is why I chose the Amethyst and I thought the pearls have that classical beauty about them! We are all going out on Sunday to celebrate!
Oh and a BIG HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Kara - one of the loveliest ladies on the blogging world I know - see her HERE


On the mend!

Thank you so much for the Get Better soon messages I have - it was lovely:D I did mean to post yesterday but ended up collapsing on the sofa instead - sorry! I did before that catch up on some commissions outstanding so the pressure is definately off now (well only my own pressies to make and do - hahah is my own sisters read this I wonder if they are rolling their eyes!) I have also been in an earring mood and have made a few pairs - maybe because my attention spane doesn't have to be for too long??!!


Elli had her testing today with school for swimming - now I think she is a beautiful swimmer - she swims with her hands by her sides flipping her feet like a mermaid ( head under water *very important) she glides through the water so gracefully .... and then she needs some air so she doggy paddles while she gasps and phew back down for more graceful swimming - I guess you can get the picture - if we gave her a snorkal I think she would do just fine lol!! Needless to say she only managed 9 metres - yep 1 metre too short for her badge and certificate - but well done for getting that far - if you read back on my blog you will see the magical moment she suddenly could swim - it wasn't that long ago!

Tomorrow is a special day for my family so I will be writing about someone special .....


Man Flu


Yes I caught my husbands Man flu - I felt yucky all day Friday but had my final party of 2007 to prepare for so had to soldier on (whose playing that violin!?!) party was fab but when I got home this stinking cold piled in and on Saturday I took to my sofa (caught up on some tv lol) and didn't really move off it all day - yesterday I pottered but still feel awful BUT because my lovely husband kept working through his I can't go hibernate I'd never hear the last of it ;)

I've nearly uploaded all my new pieces onto the website but this month I will try and add something as soon as its made - as much as I can anyway!!

The charm bracelet is with of course Caroline Hannon's charm beads in black and silver with black agate, onyx and crystals, lots of silver and some jingling bells - Elli says its sounds like Santas sleigh!!