Ohhhh Wild!

The weather not my jewellery today! Bet you all wondered though. So who has sun, wind, rain, or even snow?? We are forecasted snow but as that happens every blue moon (which I'm sure its not) I'd be very surprised but I promise pics if we do. Elli has a inset day (teachers training day) tomorrow so it would be fab if we did have some. I'm planning cake making and other delights if not - we were planning on going off with Mamma and Gump (My parents) but with the weather being threatened we're not.

I assume my inspiration for these pieces came from the beautiful day we had at the beach on Sunday as well. Kara from Innocent Charms Chats says this one reminds her of the sky and the sea so its probably from Sunday. But my friend Caroline of Crafted Gems also posted a picture from her weekend where she went to the coast - her picture is the opposite of mine - maybe because she lives up in Scotland her picture is cold and wild with the sea crashing on the harbour. Wonderful I love it and of course I nagged her to let me post it here too

Isn't it fantastic!!!


Beach Inspired!

After the day we had at the beach (see post below) you couldn't expect anything less then beach inspired jewellery! Luckily I'd just taken delivery of some fabulous shells that Isabelle Anderson had made me ready for my Sea Gem section on my website which I like to fill with not only sea glass but beach themed bracelets, necklaces and earrings. Sadly in the winter months the urge to create is not so strong - probably something to do with its too cold and wet for the beach!!

I love seaglass as you all know and owuld love to be able to do more with it - unfortunately at the moment my silver skills aren't up to the standard of bezels and things but one lady who is just fantastic with sea glass is Barb Macy - her sea glass jewellery (and all her jewellery) is fab and her blog makes a great read especially if you are a jewellery designer.

So did you all notice??? - no oxidisation today!!!


I think I can fly!

WE spent the afternoon at the beach - it was beautiful, the sun really warm and the sky blue as summer! I love this pic I got of my daughter jumping at the waves - please note she isn't silly and stand out of the sea so not to get wet when landing!!

You almost need sunglasses for this picture don't you - low sun on sparkling water!

I love this pic, Elli and E comparing feet sizes!!

OK so back to the jewellery I have been creating and oxidising again!! Don't worry I promise more shiney sparkly pieces tomorrow!! I just couldn't resist showing you what a wonderful day at the beach complete with little pasties - well we are Cornish!!

Against the Grain is an oxidised bangle with fw pearl and Rose Quartz - the darkness of the silver really brings the stones out, don't you think??

© Gemheaven 2008


A kiss of Spring

I used the title of my latest piece for this post - today the sun was shining and guess what we actually felt some warmth - mind you, you had to be out of the wind, now that was cold! In fact the children all came out of school asking for their coats off - how funny as soon as the sun shines they want to strip off - really it wasn't that warm!! Maybe being in Cornwall and the South of the UK we feel the warmth sooner, of course sun rises and sets earlier and later then say Scotland but then again we can grow palm trees and other plants that anyone further up (For us Cornish anything over the Tamar {River seperating Cornwall and Devon} is "Up Norf"!! :0D

Now a little about the jewellery - the first bracelet is made from tiny (4 - 5 mm) rounds of primarily, Rose Quartz, Amethyst, Peridot and Aquamarine, with my little 'Kisses' in and amongst the gemstones. It took me quite a few {understatement} to finish her but I'm so happy with the finish look. The second bracelet with Isabelle Andersons beautiful beads and micro faceted rounds of Smokey Quartz with Bali silver.

© Gemheaven 2008


LOve is....

There was me complaining about the weekend flying by can you believe its Wednesday already!! Mind you I have been very busy - I have large commission to complete (Nearly there) as well as keeping my website stocked up. Now I've had a multitude of emails about my hearts so this post is dedicated to them. Of course if you are interested send me an email and don't forget to ask the relevant questions before reserving them!!

I love the way this necklace has turned out - simple idea I know but it looks fab on - with a very dainty little heart chain too!!
Of course these would make fantastic gifts for Valentines day or for yourself - hey if no ones going to buy you something you'd love then my motto is always buy it yourself :)And now I'm going to show you something not heart related - not everyone likes them do they??

Hopefully I will be back tomorrow with more to show - fingers crossed!
© Gemheaven 2008



Sometimes I wonder where the days go - I spend half my week looking forward to the weekend - and then then the weekend mysteriously disappears into Sunday evening and the cycle starts again!! Personally I think weekends should be 3 days long - now this isn't anything to do with having days off - you'll find me creating whatever the day of the week it is - but to do with my dh and dd (Husband and daughter) you see they just start to settle and relax and BAM it's over!

Ever since Elli started school her outlook on leaving the house has changed - before school she wanted "out out" always wanted to know what trip or friends we were going to see, what park or even shopping was an adventure. Now at the tender age of 6 (going on 16) she hates leaving the house at weekends - preferring to "relax Mummy" Now is this because she loves playing on the computor or drawing her pictures of princesses, unicorns and horses or is it because the school system means she HAS to leave the house every morning and when she does come home, so many hours later she has homework and after school activities - maybe like me she likes the fact on a weekend there are no rules, no alarms and no rushing.

Hopefully this year the summer will actually arrive and stay for more than a week! Then the joy of a weekend in the garden, riding bikes and having picnics will change her idea of relaxing all over again. *sigh hurry up spring......
© Gemheaven 2008


Metal week!

A little play on words there - it has been mental but also metal - as in silver - its so theraputic I love spending time with my metal! Luckily I have a load of commissions to complete which gives me a chance to play without the guilt of knowing I need to add even more things to my website.

Look at the beautiful blue sea glass I found in my sea glass box - three different shades - of course this little beauty is already on the wrist of the owner and she's lucky I even decided to send it - you know how I am with blue!


I also would like to say my valium wearing off was like the morning after, headache and lethargy - in fact it felt like I hadn't slept for 48 hours!! But hey they worked at the time and made a terrifying (for me) experiance much easier ;0) My mouth is still feeling odd but hopefully its all sorting itself out now. Again thanks for the hugs and love you all have shown me :D

© Gemheaven 2008



OK tooth is now sorted - we hope so I want all of you to keep fingers crossed for me for the next few weeks that a root canal is not needed!! I also want to thank everyone for there hints and tips you sent me. The wriggling of toes when the injection was given was fab - it worked and of course I'd like to thank the drugs -although I think taking 3 this morning might have been a little over the top!! My poor dentist was greeted by me shouting up the stairs "Its ok I won't cry today I'm on drugs" *yes I'm blushing. I also think I was chatting nine to the dozen throughout the experiance but I have to say I was extremly impressed by how gentle he was - yes I shook like a jelly but I also managed to lie there with his hands and tools in my mouth - big feet - although in my haze I think I told him I didn't like to be interfered with *eeeek

Its funny how now I'm coming off them I feel hungover and having flashbacks of the morning - my lovely friend Clare who drove me there and back said I was hilarious and I just thank the lord I didn't run naked through the town centre because I have a feeling I was game for anything!! But yes I'm suffering now - I think I could sleep for a week!! I also told the dentist about my blog so I hope to goodness he doesn't find it - I remember refusing to give him the name of my business lol so hopefully he forgot and won't come searching!! If he does "hello" and the previous blog post was written through sheer terror and I like you really!!!!!

Huge thank yous to all my lovely friends the hugs and goodluck vibes helped me so much :D

© Gemheaven 2008


Wet Sunday, lazy sunday!

OH its horrible out there - the wind is howling and the rain is lashing at my windows - earlier it was hammering on the roof of my garage while I was making some new pendants for my website. The sort of weather that makes you want to hibernate, the sort of weather before Elli I would have stayed in bed with a good book and lots of cups of tea - now I would feel guilty - not only because of spending time with Elli but also a day wasted would be my first thought. E cooked a fabulous roast dinner, of course with free range chicken (For those not watching UK tv here's a link to Chicken Out )

For those of you wondering why I haven't mentioned my tooth lol well its because I'm trying to pretend its not happening - sadly now you have reminded me and I'll have to go have a glass of wine to help my nerves!!! NO honestly I can't stop whats happening so I'm trying to go with the flow - the valium I'm sure will help although I am a little worried as taking two seemed to have no greater effect than one - mind you I'm not quite sure what I was expecting!! To my dear blog friend Brandi of Caties Blue - the reason my friend gave me of not having "laughing gas" is because it is now illegal !! IT can only be given in hospitals apparently - maybe something to do with thats its a strong sedative, my friend trained with its use but said no one can include it in treatment in the UK! Boohoo!

A few of my recent pieces above- Elegance is simple and chic with Rock Crystals and silver. The above pendant Full of Curves with handforged silver and prehnite - I really enjoyed creating this one.

© Gemheaven 2008


Still here with tooth!

Title to warn anyone who is bored of my tooth tales - so they can run screaming!!

Last night after pilates *Have wonderful story to tell you in a bit so scroll down if you don't want a tooth tale. I rang my best friend from school who is a dentist up near London, she was fantastic and told me to hold onto my tooth - apparently the last thing that should happen is an extraction. She also agreed with the drugs so yippee I have valium (Or an equivelant) and I have to have a trial run so tomorrow night is a right off lol!!

ok funny story from pilates - My friend Vicky drove last night and when we came out it was very dark with no street lights we walked up to the car and Vicky was having trouble getting her key in the keyhole - all of a sudden it unlocked and we climbed in. Vicky was a bit worried because she said she hadn't got the key in properly and with that the lights went on and off and the door locked and unlocked itself again. WIth that a lady knocked on the window - you guessed it, we were sitting in her car - luckily she saw the funny side of it - we were crying with laughter!!

© Gemheaven 2008


OH sorry!

Why am I saying sorry I bet your asking?? Well its because the tooth saga continues :( Today I had my appointment for my broken teeth (apologises for anyone new playing catch up here) and with a 12.30 appointment as always (I have a thing about being early) I was 15mins ahead of schedule! ten minutes of sitting went by with my poor Mum (who is also phobic of the dentists) and I trying to pretend we were fine while really we both were having palpatations with fear. Suddenly the receptionist looked up and said "Mrs Tubb the therapist is running behind" and with that I burst into tears - thank goodness the waiting room was empty!! How embarasssing although that wasn't the worst of it - when I eventually went upstairs to the room its was 55mins later!!
SO I sit down and wait my knees a knocking ( they do really don't they) and the very young (or am I getting older) therapist who I think could see I was alittle worried told me he was going to put the chair back so he could look - but nothing happened - no thats not true the chair moved I didn't so I think by now he really did know. Well to cut the long story a little shorter - as a therapist although he can do fillings etc he needs to go through my dentist first so Mr Cooke came in and looked and, you know the thing people do when they discuss you above your head, and your mind works overtime and before I knew it I was in floods of tears AGAIN. The tooth is unstable so they need to remove the filling ( I only have two) and check if their is decay underneath - if there is they want to EITHER do a root canal OR remove the tooth WAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

Now all this is a maybe but would you tell someone who is phobic and obviously in a state things like root canal, sedation, hosptital, extraction, drilling, and not expect them to literally fall to pieces - and then he asked me WHAT I wanted to do?? I couldn't even tell you my name by then!!! SO here I am supping rescue remedy and hav dug out my pot of Quiet Life and made an appointment to see the dr - I need something strong for next Tuesday!!!

© Gemheaven 2008


I am here

Me and my broken tooth!! I'm hoping to get an emergency appointment tomorrow - if I'm lucky but if not I think I'm going to try another dentist - its driving me potty! Anyway enough boring you with my mouth issues. I have been busy making and creating so will have a few bits to show you this week. Off course I am a little addicted to my silverwork so really must create something with my beautiful lampwork beauties I collected over the past two months ready for the new year! The above necklace is with a fabulous Labradorite focal, rondelles and little Karen Hill Tribe charms. She's on a long 30" chain but it can be changed to a shorter one if necessary.

Of course I had to make matching earrings - these will go with the bracelet (Posted on Friday) or with the focal!! On more of my hammered rings. "E" and I also had fun playing with my disc cutter and we made our first bead - having "E" there beside me is great as he shows no fear when it comes to experimenting - the disc cutter and doming set is all so new I prefer really to just play with different ideas but of course being a man he likes to go the hole hog!!

It will be so nice to eventually use my own silver beads and I have so many ideas but not sure how soon that will be though. It great fun to experiment though :D

© Gemheaven 2008



So imagine me this morning - I played avoidance tactics until 10 am before I finally plucked up courage to phone the dentist - and guess what I have to wait 3 weeks!!!!! I mean anything could happen in 3 weeeks! Now in the UK we have NHS dentists and private ones - we are now private so you'd think the dentist could fit me in wouldn't you - so I'm now eating little bits - its taking me half an hour longer than normal to eat and cleaning my teeth arghhhh - am I going on, can you tell how cheesed off I am??? We had pizza for tea, every little crust felt like another tooth, well at least I will loose weight this way!

As promised more pieces to show you - silver and one gemstone piece - I love this bracelet - the labrodorite is quite chunky and the brushed silver discs give an added sparkle! The silver bangles or a Caboodle of bangles (lol!) are going to be sold in sets of threes but of course you can buy as many sets as you want - I love bangles when the weather get warmer and you hear the jingle jangle (Caroline of Crafted Gems and I had a conversation about it earlier) but I also love bangles with black - probably because I wear alot of it!!
And finally some more pebbles - aren't they shiney!!
© Gemheaven 2008


I'm so scared!

OK I'm a big baby I'm terrified - I can't open my mouth or eat because part of my tooth has broken!! Now I had two fillings at the age of 11 and apart from when I fell off a horse and knocked both of them out ( the fillings not the teeth!) so they had to be be refilled I've had no other work done - no considering thats 20 *cough plus years I think I've done really well - with regular check ups I promise. But now I'm going to have to face my worst nightmare and actually go see my dentist with a problem - and they have to hold me down to clean my teeth so imagine the stress lol mind you I might loose the Christmas lbs in the meantime ;)

At the moment my tumbler is full of silver pieces so hopefully tomorrow I'll get chance to photograph them - the earrings above are a new range - there will be more than one pair of these so not only can you buy yourself a pair but your friends and family too! Made out of scrap silver (a mixture of sterling and fine silver) melted down to create these little pebbles - on stud backs they are chic - I love mine and thats saying something as I normally wear danglies! Of course because they are handcrafted each pair are slightly different!

The middle bangle is a commission for a special friend - the rubies are fabulous!! The bottom earrings are a little play I had with my disc cutter - like little hourglasses hence the name!!

More tomorrow - me and my half tooth!!
© Gemheaven 2008