Hearing Voices

Now before everyone tell me to take my meds its my own voice I can hear - I was wondering whether anyone else writes their blogs in their heads as they are performing everyday tasks - like cleaning the toilet???? YOu should hear me sometimes I don't half go on - yet I can applaud myself for great wording etc but then sadly (or not!) I forget my great writings before I even have thought about typing/writing them out so sadly you are all missing out on my words of wisdom!! (which I'm sure they aren't really before anyone becomes sad and depressed at my lack of organisation in writing everything down as I'm thinking) . Funny thing is I never forget a flash of inspiration when it comes to my jewellery - I had this conversation yesterday about keeping a book by the side of my bed when those flashes come - but so far (touch wood) I haven't needed one - all my designs seem to stick in a little drawer in my head like a huge filing cabinet! ;0)

Pentreath my latest pebble piece is named after Pentreath beach nr Penzance (Of course I have to name them after Cornish beaches!!) Isabelles Sectacular beads complimented by silver (Lots of!!) I feel like a framer when I recieve beautiful lampwork beads - I have to show them off to their very best and it can be nerve racking at times. Hopefully I did these beautiful pebbles justice.

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Beverley Abbott said...

LOVE the bracelet honey!

and talking in your head is another way to talk to ones self!! LOL and the little men in the green van with the flat wheels will take you away to my world!
love bev xxxxx