I wasn't going to post today - I had some terribly sad news and its sort of zapped my mojo :(

BUt I promise I will be back tomorrow fighting :D

I'm on countdown, as on Thursday evening I am off to the big smoke for a shopping expedition with the girls!! OH boy do I need it now!

SO I will be MIA from Friday until Monday - should anyone miss me ;0)

The earrings above were for a lady who was celebrating her birthday on Saturday - so if you are reading this Happy Birthday M :)


Crafted Gems said...

oh hun, i hope your mojo comes back soon!

And i love those earrings!!!! Can't decide if i like them more than the ones your making for me!

I better stop looking before you throw something at me, lol

Gemheaven said...

rofl Caroline well I'll make two pairs then and you can decide!!!


Beverley Abbott said...

oooh missing you already babe!
Have a brill time and get some lovely shoes and girly things bought lol!!!
loads of love bev xxxxx