I've been tagged

Thanks Kara I think!

OK I have to post 8 things about me you didn't know eeeekkkkkkkkk

1. I bite my nails - I know I know disgusting habit :( I try and try to stop and did for 2 years but I lost a baby and turned into a nervous wreck and started again - one day lol

2. I nearly married a man I didn't love because I didn't want to hurt him - yet sobbed my heart out when he told me he didn't know if he loved me either because I knew he's be hurting!

3. I cry at films whether they are happy or sad - E reckons if I cry I loved the film, and would rate it 10/10!

4. I am addicted to books - I buy at least a book a week and have joined Readitswapit so I can have more!! Sadly I wish I could say they are intellectual books but I love modern fiction affectionately known as chicklit!

5. I'm the most untidy person - my husband despairs!! I'm clean and if the room is tidy I can keep it that way but once someone (usually my dd) messes it up I loose interest!

6. I like ironing - yep a good programme and I'm quite happy to watch and iron at the same time!

7. MY husband is 3 years younger than me and proposed 7 months after meeting!

8. I can't have anymore children. I'm infertile after a medical mistake - but I lived and am happy with my life.

Now I have to find 8 more people to tag!

More jewellery tomorrow :)


Crafted Gems said...

that pesky Kara (love ya really) tagged everyone i know!!!! lol

it was nice to find out more about you hun and get you with a toy boy, lol ;-)

Beverley Abbott said...

OOOh you saucy little minx!! Well I can beat you My dom is 6 years younger than me so ner!!!
I love reading too but need to have clean and tidy all the time - its a bloody obsession!

loads of huggins
bev xxxxxxx