Wet Sunday

Makes a change me talking about the weather and I know you will miss it if I don't talk about the rain!! ;0)

Last night we watched the fabulous fireworks after the end of Feast Saturday in Mevagissey but the weather was such a let down - we popped down from my Grans house to get some chips ( typical feast tea lol)and the carnival was still going on - those poor brave children walking in the, not only wet but, torrential rain - I have to admit I was close to tears when I saw them coming round the corner - amazing how everyone pulls together!!

The bracelet above is a commission to match the necklace - Moon Daisy


This one is called Peacocks Ore and is labrodite and silver - again another commission - isn't it beautiful - I loved it so much I made myself one!!

Today we took my Mum and Nan to Truro for lunch (My dad was playing golf) and my lovely hubby bought me some gorgeous shoes - amazing thing was I tried them on in the shop and told him how much I loved them - then I put them back as I can't afford to spend money at the moment I'm saving to go to London but he popped back to buy them for me - a huge surprise - love him :D

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Beverley Abbott said...

If I go shopping with your hubby will he buy me the pink ones??

love bev xxxx

Gemheaven said...

I won't even reply with his answer rofl ;0)

Beverley Abbott said...


Crafted Gems said...

what a nice hubby, wish mine did things like that

KARA said...

Oh he is such a good boy, bless his cottons, cute shoieses.
Love the bracelet you did something similar last year always love the stone

fhiona galloway said...

i love those shoes too! You lucky thing!
Your jewellery is stunning-I love that labrodite (or is it peridot) 3 strand bracelet. Maybe one day I'll be able to buy one of your pieces before someone else gets there first!!