Summer Rain

Now I bet you can't guess why I named this one Summer rain?? Lol I'm trying to be subtle here!!! If you look closely you will see rose quartz, peridot and grey moonstone nestling amongst the crystal quartz - oh and silver nobbles tooo!!


I adore this bracelet and am tempted to keep her so you will have to wait and see if she appears on the website - she won't be going on there until August unless either I or someone else decides to snap her up ;0) Here's another pic just to let you see some more :-

and finally I made some earrings ( Caroline if you are reading this I am waiting for earwires for yours!!) These are named Zebirget as Peridot has been found in Egyptian Jewellery from the early second millennium BC and was mined from the Volcanic island of Zebirget or St. Johns Island, in the Red Sea. So a great name I thought :D

Right I'm off to pretty myself up ready for the hairdressers - can't go to the big Smoke with yukky hair now can I ???


Crafted Gems said...

hehehe, i'm reading and don't mind waitting, means i can buy glass and your earrings, lol

Crafted Gems said...

hello Jo, i've tagged you, check out my bog for details