Sunny Saturday

Today I start with a picture of my beautiful boy Charlie - he's gorgeous - Thursday night we shut him in the caravan - by accident I hasten to add! We didn't notice until the following afternoon and my E told me I had to go and investigate the mess we were sure to find - poor boy - but there was nothing - he must have had his legs crossed!!

I also took apart a necklace on my website - I made it about 8 months ago and decided it needed pulling apart and redoing - last night and this morning I did just that and am pretty pleased with the results

Our garden is now finished - the turf was laid and as promised I have a photo for you !

Now I'm going to tidy up my guestbook where I'm being spammed by some horrendous things :( SO if anyone fancies going and putting a nice post I'd be eternally grateful I hate sifting through filth and finding a post to make me smile would make my day!

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Beverley Abbott said...

I LOVE your puddy baby - he looks georgous! Your garden looks really nice honey - just be glad you have not got the destruction team that is Marvin and Betty to destroy all those lovely plants and lawn!

Necklace is scrumptious as usual.
love bev xxx

Gemheaven said...

lol thank you sweetie - thats why we could create the oasis - I'm sure if we'd had a son it would have been different again!!!

Big hugs

Lucinda said...

Gorgeous kitty, gorgeous Necklace and a gorgeous garden too!!

Jo Robinson said...

Wow what a handsome boy and a beautiful garden.