Thursdays child

My Elli was a water baby - from the moment I first started swimming with her she showed no fear, she was even swimming under water by 14 months. Sadly at 20 months I fell over in the water dunking not only myself but Elli too - one of those slow motion times when you feel you were under water forever. Straight after she caught chicken pox quite badly and so we missed going to the pool for 8 weeks - after that she had totally lost all confidence in the water and the pool became a place of turmoil not fun.

I booked her in for swimming lessons which were a bit hit and miss - she would only do certain things and I believed she'd be learning until she was 18 (well she herself said she didn't want to swim until she was 18!!!) By mistake she was moved up a class - the teacher M is young and Elli from the start built a strong relationship with her - the trust grew and 3 terms later she is swimming - not like a fish but hey I don't expect major miracles!!

This bracelet Aqua was made as a huge thank you to M for all her time and energy she put into helping Elli overcome her fears. M starts university in September and Elli and myself will miss her - hopefully everytime she wears Aqua she will think of Elli !!

Beads by Caroline Hannon with turquoise and silver.

Thank you

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Beverley Abbott said...

What a lucky teacher M is! The bracelet is beautiful Jo and I love the story
love bev xxxx