One more day!!


I'm so excited this time tomorrow I will be on a train to London woohoo!!!! I can't wait - shopping heaven and at least this time I have money to spend - mind you when I last did this 2 years ago I had no money but spent it anyway!!


YOU may wonder why I am posting loads of pics of earrings well I have two reasons really, one is I had a visit from J&R today - I was R's nanny for over 7 years and she has a love of jewellery so guess who left with a bag full!!! Including her Mum I should add - love them!! And second my dear friend Caroline (you know the one , talented lampworker extroadinare!) wants a pair of earrings - so why she can't make a pair for herself lol - in fact it probably would have been easier to send her the componants ;0) Only joking sweetie!!!

Wonder what she'll pick ?????


Crafted Gems said...

ooooooooooooooooo talented lampworker extroadinare!! i like that! oooooooooooo i can't choose, lol


KARA said...

umm luv the earrings Jo.
Hope you have a fun girly time.

P.s. Your tagged luv xx

anna*in*oki said...

Hello, I am a new visitor and just wanted to say how much I enjoy your blog and jewelry. Both are very elegant! Browsing here is so inspiring! I hope you have a lovely trip.
Anna in Okinawa, Japan

Gemheaven said...

Hi Anna

Thnak you for comments - hope to speak to you again soon