No piccies today - sorry but I am working on some pieces so maybe tomorrow if you are lucky!

We slept in our new caravan last night - well slept isn't really the right word for me - I lay in the caravan last night. Charlie the cat )pic of which is shown on another post) decided it was party time - normally he is shut in the lounge where his cat flap goes into the garage then out into the back garden so he can roam free but of course Elli wanted him in with us. :(

To begin with he sort of settled on me - but Charlie isn't like any normal cat - Charlie has to be cuddled but of course then he "nests" you know that thing they do with their claws - in, out, in ,out!!! Arghhhh I kept moving him and he crawls back up to my neck!! Eventually I put him out and he disappeared for a while - I may have slept ! Then he meowed to come back in - I thought (silly!) that he may be ready to sleep but oh no! a moth followed him into the van so he was bouncing around trying to catch it! SO again I popped him back outside so he decided to jump onto the caravan roof and it sounded like he was bouncing up and down on it - the a paw was being poked through the vent in the roof with miaow's here and there - this woke Elli up!

Opening the door he's trying to get in from the roof - until he was hanging from the door I managed to get him in on Elli's bunk and tried to settle him back down - but oh no up down up down - finally at 7.30 this morning Charlie decided it was sleep time!

Yawnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn I could sleep for a week!!

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KARA said...

Jo - I am in stitches imaging this, you must be tired, my bro and sis got a new kitten today thats ferrel so I am sure they are in for a treat the next couple of nights.
Hope you sleep well tonight