Russian Royalty


I bet your wondering why I named this post "Russian Royalty" apart from the name of my latest piece!!! Well I think my muse has been at work again - I made this necklace last night - on eof those times when you are in the middle of changing a piece to fit a client and something all together different is born (If you are a reading this JO - your dizzy jewellery designer has finished it!!! ) Princess Tatiana is a compliation of Isabelle Anderson's beautiful lampwork and coral with amethyst and Karen Hill Tribe Silver.

Elegantly cool, I still don't know where the name came from - I read up on Princess Tatiana and am none the wiser so if anyone knows why my muse wanted this name can you let me know :0P

Anastasia of course a Russian Princess most people have heard of - the story of Anna Anderson intrigues me so much - read about it HERE.

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Kutuu said...

Oooh Jo these are fab! I love the earrings!!! :o)

ButterflyBeadwear said...

You've made some stunning stuff lately Jo, my fav has to be Pentreath beach-I wonder why. It is lovely, takes me back there.

fhiona galloway said...

these are beautiful earrings!