Pink and perky


See I promised you more jewellery ;0) Laura Sparlings beautiful beads with Karen Hill Tribe Silver. This bracelet is more a bangle as its threaded on Sterling Silver wire but its sits beautifully on the wrist - truly a timeless classic!

Elli is off for another party- she has a way better social life than me! Bouncy castle by the looks of things when I dropped her off!

I''m halfway through Harry Potter now and thoroughly enjoying this book- the last book I read of JKRowlings was in hospital - its two years ago since the last book was out and nearly two years ago since I spent the summer in and out of hospital - it seems in some ways like a few months ago yet at the same time like forever ago! FUnny though although Elli was only 4 at the time she remembers it well and often talks abut drs removing something from your tummy! (For those of you not in the know I had an absess growing on my ovary - after a HSG (we were trying for another baby) it pushed the poison around my body - the absess was thought to be a endometrium cyst not an absess so I was left in severe pain and feeling like death warmed up - it was only found when the dr after 3 weeks of (3 different kinds) antibiotics checked me over and found a hot spot!! )

Right I'm off to sort out earrings to match this little beauty and photograph my latest bracelet..

A huge GET WELL SOON to my friend Caroline who has got Chicken pox!
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KARA said...

OH Jo this is I think my fave piece ever of yours, you know I am a pink lady and you have made those beads look fab, I only wish I had some pocket money :((.
Hope Elle is having loads of fun, i love bouncy castles.
I am glad this year has been better for you.

Gemheaven said...

Thanks Sweetie :)

Beverley Abbott said...

Ah bouncy castles!! I love them - in fact i love trampolines too and am waiting for a go on my neighbours 9 year old daughters lol!
The bracelet/bangle is beautiful as well my love!

loads of love bev xxxx

Laura said...

Nice bracelet, Jo! :o)