Pinch, punch first of the month!


First of all let me say Happy Birthday to my dear friend Debbie - Debbie and I go back years - we've been through quite a lot between us and I count her as one of my true friends! Sadly with our lives being busy we don't see enough of each other - but I am thinking of you today hun!

My prize draw winner for July is Pam so your earrings will be flying off to your house - hope you love them as much as I do!! For anyone not knowing what I'm talking about for every purchase or every person who submitts to my newsletters there is a free entry into that months prize draw! Look out for August's prize(ooh ok I'll show you here!!)

August is a time for birthdays in our house - friends and family! Thats including myself and my princess so if I'm quiet you'll know why!!

Enjoy the sun :)

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Beverley Abbott said...

OOOH a leo then - im a sagitarian - and we are really compatible as freinds or lovers --- ooooh er I say madam!!!!

what date is your b day then!

love bev xxx

Gemheaven said...

rofl trust you!!!

I'm the 14th and I'm getting old ;0)

Crafted Gems said...

oh the 14th, i'll have to remember that!!!

And your just getting soooooooo old, just joking hun, your not old at all :-)