Tagged again!!

Ok as promised I'm back again with the 6 weird things about me ( I'm not very weird - I don't think anyway lol )

1. I love chocolate - adore it in fact but if you gave me white chocolate I'd be sick!

2. I'm allergic to pork - it makes me sick - but I can eat bacon and pork sausages and spare ribs - go figure!

3. My favourite plant in the garden is a Allium - if I had my way I'd fill the garden with them!

4. My favourite smell is a blown out match - give me a box and I'll play for hours :D

5. I have a box of unread books under my bed - if I read one I have to replace it or else I panic!

6. I have very warm hands and yet very cold feet - what does that mean???

OK and the bloggers I'm tagging are

Caroline - Crafted Gems

Hannah - Kutuu

Liz - The Crimson Moon

Lesley -Coburg crafts

Tam - Butterfly Beadwear

Claire - Rowanberry Glass

Ok hope that works :)


Crafted Gems said...

flipping heck, who am i going to tag!!!!!!!! and 6 weird things!! i have to narrow it down to 6!!! lol lol

Kutuu said...

Eeek! Tagged?!! What?!!

Beverley Abbott said...

bugger lugs you should have tagged me lol ive loads more interesting or uninteresting facts!!!!
ps im feeling a bit better today
love bev xxxxxx

ButterflyBeadwear said...

going to have think about this one, six weird things!!! um???

KARA said...

great facts Jo love them, I also love matches seriously addictive

fhiona galloway said...

ummm-I like the smell of burnt out matches too.

Miss Moon said...

Ooh, burnt matches, I love that smell too! Lol, I thought I was the only one.

Thanks for tagging me Jo, I think! Liz x