Countdown and all that goes with a party begins today - its where the adrenelin kicks in!! Luckily I've been able to make a ton of stuff ready and hopefully there will be something for everybody! This piece Nerja was made with the famous caves in mind - Isabelle Anderson called these Cave paintings and i wanted to keep the theme as best i could when i created these.


The earrings are fab ( even if I do say so myself) about 1/2 " in diameter, they are elegant and eyecatching. And then I had one lone bead waiting for me to come up with something (sadly I have many lone beads waiting here but thats another story!) So I played until this pendant was created ...

I was going for the tribal look so with added swarovski crystals and pietersite - hopefully I have succeeded!

So onward with my stock taking and inventory lists and marking up - more pieces tomorrow.

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KARA said...

woohoo hope party goes well, I have a couple next month.
Those pieces are really nice jo, i love the charm end on the bracelet really ethnic.

fhiona galloway said...

beautiful-love the pendant.