Bodmin Gaol


Today with my Mum and niece and nephew, Elli and I took a trip to Bodmin Gaol -wow what a place and not far from where we live and I can't believe we haven't been there before!! Anyone who lives nearby take a trip!! We bought a book on the history but as you wander around there is loads of information on the inmates - children transported for putting stones on the railway line etc! Think we are way to soft now lol....

The necklace Moonlit Walk is my take on a Moonlit Walk on the beach - when the moon is clear and bright lighting up certain stones and pebbles on your way. Strung on Greek leather with an adjustable clasp.

Hope you like it?

© Gemheaven 2007


ButterflyBeadwear said...

That is great jo, I love that pendant, what a cracker! I also love that surf's up bracelet too, looking at your jewellery takes me back to Cornwall.

Ok, Jo some sun and hot weather is in the post for you now!!!!!

KARA said...

oh lovely, love evry bit, oh greek leather that sounds nice and soft.
love the colour combo very me

Laura said...

Seriously nice, Jo!

Laura x