Tuesday - getting ready!


Ok before I bore you all senseless with my chainmaille this is my last piece!! of course the little lampwork bead is an Isabelle Anderson beauty!! I'm busy getting ready for my first party of the season on Saturday - there's lots to get before I'm really ready although my boxes luckily arrived today which was incredibly quick so thanks to Potters for that!

Now to finish the pendants and rings before Saturday there's always tons to do before a party and I'm a little out of sorts as my last one was 2 months ago (eek where has the time flown!!)


The earrings I handcrafted out of fine silver and they so reminded me of rain - hopefully we won't see any for a day or two!! What do you think??
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Laura said...

Cor - I LOVE those, Jo! I bet they feel great to wear. All twinkly and nice!

Laura x

Beverley Abbott said...

Love Love Love them!!
fab as per usual

love and luck for Saturday!
Bev xxxxx

Suggy said...

Hi Jo

Thanks for your interest in pretty-somethings.co.uk. I must say, your own jewellery is gorgeous - and the photography is great. Do you sell through retailers? We would be interested in selling your wares over at www.pressies4princesses.co.uk, check it out and drop me a mail, if you like. It's steve@...



Miss Moon said...

These are gorgeous Jo! :-D

Liz x

Brandi said...

That chainmaille bracelet is gorgeous! And good luck at your party!

I just wanted to welcome you to the Indiepublic Blog Ring. Thanks for joining!

malawika said...


I love those earrings! I'm making jewelry too and those pictures (especially this one) inspired me :).

It's fantastic blog. Congrats.