Grrrr last Nights post!

Last night I made my post as usual and Blogger went down with no connection so I lost the lost! So today I'll make 2 posts :) - this mornings is last nights and tonight ... well I'm sure you get the drift! I think I'm getting addicted to chainmaille - well the flip flop weave anyway - of course I'm keeping this as its part of my b'day pressie but I am making more things ready for the party season.

I started making a few pendants - mainly for the parties as I'm always being asked about slightly cheaper alternatives of my jewellery for gifts and as not everyone wears earrings I thought pendants can be worn by anyone!

This one Capolino IV is a Beverley Hicklin bead and completes the Capolino range of bracelet and two sets of earrings. These can be found on the website.

This one matches the Rock Pools bracelet - another Beverley Hicklin bead - a simple and elegant pendant.

The colours are fabulous and you can see here - like a mini rockpool all of your own!

This last one is Caroline Hannon - beautiful swirls of greens and yellows on a Burgundy base. Marrooned was named as I was listening to Maroon 5 lol!


I'll be back later with more pics and Kara of Innocent Charms blogspot has kindly tagged me
again!! As Fhi of Fhi Fhi creates also tagged me a few days ago I hope I can combine the two - so I'm off to have think - Kara I don't really think I'm weird enough rofl!!

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fhiona galloway said...

i love the rockpool one-what size are these? They would make lovely pressies!

Gemheaven said...

Hi Fhi

The Rock Pools one is 2cm but including the crystal and silver 4cm - does that help?

KARA said...

wow Jo I love these pendants they simply show of the amazing beads created, good job, sorry love I shouldn't have tagged you twice. not many friends lol.
Love your birthday piece great