What a day!

Phew I'm exhausted! My dd who is now six going on 16 (anyone with a 16 yr old is probably shaking their heads lol) threw a huge wobbly like I've never seen before, even when she was two!! I suppose her vocabulary is better but boy she lost it - she even frightened herself - this doesn't bode well for teenage years does it!!

Stormy Seas was definately our house today and this bracelet with Caroline Hannon's beautiful lampwork beads sums it up sort of - I mean today wasn't a thing of beauty yet this bracelet to me is - see I'm so tired I can't even blog straight!Jewellery party season is nearly upon us and I seem to have booked myself a fair few (2>3 a month until Christmas) so you can imagine the urgency for creating and making here! My first party on the 3rd September - and they continue from there so if you see anything you fancy, give me a shout to reserve it for you as hopefully things will begin to move quite fast!!

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Crafted Gems said...

as i've already told you, it's stunning

And your day sounded a lot like mine, lol, tramtrums are soooo much fun, NOT!! lol