Twelve hours left ....

Twelve more hours of being *cough thirty *cough something * cough before graduating in to another year older and before all you wise ones think I'm forty I'm not got another *cough few years left before the big 40 lol!! I will be celebrating my birthday with my lovely Mum and my gorgeous daughter who a the age of 5 yrs,11 months and 28 days pulled out the dyson and hoovered the lounge while Mummy ( embarassed moment) was finishing her new bracelet (pictures in the next few days) then she went out and picked in the washing as it was starting to drizzle - so who wants to hire her!!!

This necklace is a commission for a lady going to a friends wedding in Italy, the Artisan beads are beautiful with flashes of yellow and palest blue, Mary Parker has truly mastered boro!

I can't decide whether to go and do the ironing now or crawl into bed with my daughter (who always takes the place of missing parent - E is off playing golf - yes I know its my birthday tomorrow!) and read my latest Jilly Cooper book Wicked, the reviews were awful and apert from some of the characters being incrediably young and somewhat unbelievable, at the same its not a bad read - then again maybe I read trash too much!!

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Beverley Abbott said...

Thant necklace my dear is absolutley beautiful!
Oh and before i forget - r u ready?????

Happy B day to u, happy B day to u, happy B day dear luffley friend Jo, happy B day to u!! Hip hip hooooooorrrrrrrrayyyyyyyyyy!

have a brill day my mate,
loads of love bev xxxxxx

KARA said...

oh Happy Birthday dear Jo.
I want to hire elle she is such a sweetie.
love the necklace

Kebo Jewellery said...

Hi Jo

Welcome back...hope you had a fab holiday and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! I hope you are getting utterly sounds like Elle is doing a great job of that!!!

Love the necklace too, it is gorgeous!