Surfs up!

My latest creation fits this film don't you think? WE took Elli to see Surfs up this afternoon - great film - and E and I laughed at the surfing scenes as he gave it ago while we were camping - my dh is no "Z" !!

Beachcomber is the charm bracelet above, aren't Isabelle's pebbles just fantastic! Mixed with bali silver shells and Karen Hill Tribe silver fish, starfish and shells and fresh water pearls - its a bracelet for showing off!!

© Gemheaven 2007


fhiona galloway said...

Hi it's Fhiona here.

I've tagged you-hope you don't mind. you don't have to take part of course if you don't want or if you have already done it before.
here are the "rules"
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Maz Simpson said...

This is just gorgeous - I love the pebble beads!

KARA said...

gorgeous Bracelet Jo, oh loving Izzy's beads especially with the thai silver, you always find the most incredable thai beads.

Beverley Abbott said...

this bracelet is fantastic, i have just stared at all your beautiful work, its just getting better and better with each post!
well done and keep it up i LOVE it all!!
love bev xxxxx