Sun day, Sunday

Its been a beautiful day today hasn't it (well anyone in Cornwall can answer this!) and yesterday was even better - we went to Fowey - one of my favourite places. The gig racing was on as it was the end of Regatta week and it was fanstastic to watch. I'd love to live somewhere like Fowey with views over the estuary * sigh but sadly the house prices in Cornwall are horrendous and according to the papers yesterday Carrick, North Cornwall and Restormal are in the top four :(
The above pieces are part of my obsession with the flip flop weave - with Caroline Hannon of Crafted Gems beautiful lampwork beads - aren't they fabulous? The names well its because the earrings which strangely I made first reminded me of jellyfish and so the name came from that - but I think it fits don't you??

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KARA said...

oh Jo sounds like you had fun, we had great weather sat but not soo good on sun.
Love those pieces, what a fab combo your great chainmaille and those illuminating beads of carolines, they are amazing colours.