Desk Tidy day !

I had two friends and their children over today and seen they were disgusted with the state of my desk I decided I would tidy it (it was due!). Its funny how some of us can only work when the desk is clear and some can work when its in a state - in fact I think I work better when its in a mess - don't ask me why because I don't know!

The above necklace was inspired by the drive down the new bypass - the view over the bay is spectacular - usually blue skies is the best - when the sea is blue and inviting. I can't remember which day it was but there was low lying clouds giving a mysterious fug to the headland and it reminded me of Isabelle's beads - mysterious.

I've been quite busy today so hope your looking forward to a few more days of new goodies!

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KARA said...

oh those are a new type of bead for Izzy they are gorgeous and you have as always Jo done a fab job on this gorgeous necklace.
loving all the thai silver you are using at mo

KARA said...

hello Jo, love the necklace, you have been tagged checky out my blog for info.

Katie Wright said...

Hi Jo,

Just wanted to say that Cloudy Bay is gorgeous!

Katie x

Krista said...

Stunning necklace :0), I also suffer from the messy desk syndrome lol.

Lisa Horner said...

They are beautiful!