Nearly There!

Well the inventory for tomorrows party is all up and done - printed and sitting on my dhs desk - lets hope he remebers it!! Hopefully stock is good and there will be something for everyone - sad thing is with me I already have spent my predicted takings (well in my head!) so fingers crossed I can order the new gemstones and lampwork soon ....

The above bracelet Contemporary Pearl is one of my latest pieces got a little stuck when it came to the clasp and luckily I have a very talented friend who not only makes my little tags but also makes toggle clasps and other things - her site is launched today so you better go see how clever and talented she is! (She also makes fabulous jewellery ;) )

I also have made some extra earrings and pendants for tomorrow so if I get around to posting I will show you - I may not be back until Sunday though - party days can be manic - tomorrows is just up the road in my hairdressers XL so I haven't got far to travel!

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KARA said...

good luck Jo but then again with your fab pieces ylou wont need it, the bracelet is simple and gorgeous one of my fave combo's