Sorry I've been missing in action for a few days but with my Birthday and today my baby was sixth (where has the years gone) I haven't had a lot of time ( my lovely E was away playing golf too!) on the computor! We were so lucky with the weather today as its definately been a day of sun and showers, and Jemma from The Drama Experiance, did a fantastic job keeping the children entertained (and then the children entertained us!)

The piece of jewellery shown above is chainmaille - it is in fact my first ever piece because although I admire chainmaille I have to say I find it very regimented for me (personal taste) until my friend Jennifer Casady tempted me with her flip flop weave and oh boy now I'm hooked!! Go take a look at Jen's beautiful and elegant jewellery - I dare you not to be tempted! I already had intrest for more bracelets (this one is mine though!!) so watch this space!

More Jewellery tomorrow and a big Thank YOU to everyone that helped make my baby girls birthday special :)

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KARA said...

Lovely Cahinmaille Jo gorgeous design you are better than me I did one piece and hated doing it.
Happy Birthday to Elle hope she had a fab time.

Crafted Gems said...

i love it even more now i've seen bigger pictures!

Now how are you going to include lampwork into one of those? lol