What a beautiful morning, clear and crisp just enough chill in the air to wake me up on the way up to school!! I really enjoy my walk up to school (well unless the rain is horizantal and stinging) ITs great when you get back and the house is quiet (If E has left lol) and I can get on with my work and occassionally housework!!! Tomorrow I am off to Bath for the weekend with my Mum - she needs a break and Bath is so beautiful with lots to do and see - I can't wait -I hear there's a little bead shop tooo...

This bracelet with stunning beads by Isabelle Anderson and Hill Tribe silver is beautiful with that oily slick shimmery silver on each bead they trully are eyecatching!
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Beverley Abbott said...

Fandabbydozy babe! Love the beads and bracelet! Have a brill weekend with your mum too.

love bev xx

Catherine said...

I've been looking at all your jewellery. It's really rather unusual and very beautiful!

BetteJo said...

You have a wonderful eye for creating!

KARA said...

oh yummy as always, hope you have had a great weekend away with mummy and found your little bead shop, oh we are terrible beaders aren't we.
The bracelet is gorgeous, love the thai silver
P.S. I have tagged you with the meme game

Brandi said...

hey, did you ever find that little bead shop?