Strangers in the night!!

Hello!! Good to be home but I loved Bath - a wondeful city brimming with history and culture its no wonder I was inspired so much while I was away - E even believed I wanted to come home to start creating on day! Hopefully I will have some pics for all of you yet to visit this historical city when my dear Dad has got round to sorting photos for me.


The above jewellery is bali silver with beautiful faceted onyx - a perfect combination for day and night so a great idea for the party season which is closely approaching!!

Sorry for the short post but I'm exhausted - more tomorrow promise!

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Brandi said...

I LOVE Bath - I went when I was 16! I found it to be gorgeous and beautiful. The Roman Bath House was astounding (that actually inspired me to become a Classical Civilizations minor - if the whole art thing didn't work out, I would have been an archeologist, hands down), and I even found an ancestor's marker in the Bath Abbey!

I'm glad your trip was fantastic! I can't wait to see photos.

Beverley Abbott said...

I love these peices jo - very elegant yet understated!! Fantastic!

Love bev xxxx

KARA said...

how do you do it, you take the simplest beads and make it just gorgeous amazing artist you are