Hols are here!!!

Half term is here so I will do my best to post on here regulary - if my lovely daughter allows it - I love it when she is off school - no clock watching and no packed lumches, no after school activities ahhhh relaxation!!! Well you'd think wouldn't you lol - my daughter likes to go out and about the whole week - plus I have a party on Friday so busy busy!!

This bracelet with beads from Josephine Wadman - aren't they gorgeous like little pockets of garden!! I named her after Heligan Gardens or "Ligan" as the locals call it. A beautiful garden near where I live that had been lost since the First World War - have a look at the website and let me know what you think.
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Crafted Gems said...

oooooooooh thats lovely and different from your usual style.

Half term? The schools are just back up here after 2 weeks off. Have a nice week with your daughter

KARA said...

how strange this country is as our kiddies are going back this morning.
Oh pretty bracelet, I swear you must be a jewellery factor you are churning out gorgeous pieces so quickly

DragonflyLynne said...

Beautiful bracelet Jo! Enjoy your week!

Beverley Abbott said...

Hey Jo,
my Ben went back to college today and our Jamie is off back to school
tomorrow - enjoy your week with your little princess! Lovely bracelet and so different to your usual choice of beads! I just love the Ligan gardens! How fascinating is that story too - I would just love to have a visit to the jungle part it looks ace!
have a fab week and get some stock for your party!

Love bev xxx