Happy Halloween!

I don't have any scary pics ( although the quality of this one is pretty scary - this was a very difficult colour to photograph so big sorry's to you all squinting at the screen) This morning I was awoken by a BOO! from Elli arghhh I'm not good when I'm frightened awake lol - she's so excited!!

We are off shopping for school shoes today but coming back in good time as we have a Halloween party to come too - Elli is dressing up as a bat - she says she's a Princess Bat but I'm not sure they have those! No doubt she'll make herself as sparkly as possible ....


I'm sure most of you recognise Isabelle Anderson's beautiful beads here (If not find her at flame and glass) teamed with a load of silver I think this necklace has turned out pretty well (with added sparkle from the Alexandrite swarovski crystals) There are earrings to match but unless you can cope more bad pics I'm not sure I want to show you ..............................

OK a little one just to tempt :)

Right I have a new charm bracelet called Frosty Morning to photograph and a website to clean up before the loading of new pieces tomorrow.

Enjoy your day! RESERVED

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KARA said...

oh what a busy girl you are, shout BOO to little
Loving these pieces, those beads are a gorgeous colour, I love the chain can I ask where do you get your ss chain I am finding only small chain

Beverley Abbott said...

Hey buggerlugs - I love your blog and I love the necklace!! Its stunning! I think the colours are lovely too.

Enjoy your day with Princess Bat - and yes of course there are princess bats - dont you know anything u silly!!!
love bev xxx

Karen said...

I love Isabelle Anderson's beads and you've certainly done them justice. Your pictures look great to me. Off to have a browse on your website now.

Enjoy your Halloween party later today.

Maz Simpson said...

Gorgeous necklace Jo! I love the colour... we must be on the same wavelength, I've had the same problems trying to photograph tanzanite yesterday.. lol :)

Maz x

ButterflyBeadwear said...

Well I can't decide whast my fav!! Heligan, clear skies, or this new one, you know I love charm bracelets but I think heligan is fab!!! Your work just gets better and better! Well done Jo, hope your well, have a great party, hope the bat's not too scary!

Jennifer said...

oooooooooo!!!!!!!!!! Jo that's a fantastic piece!!!!! LOVE it!


- Jen

Miss Moon said...

Oh wow, that is SO pretty Jo! :)

Liz x