Waiting Game


The postal strike is over for a few days and I can see people like me who rely on the RM to deliver supplies and send parcels to clients going mad today posting and then tomorrow sitting on their doormats waiting!! I would happily pay courier for some orders mainly because waiting isn't always something I can do - waiting for silver supplies is a nightmare - I have the bead etc but need the clasp or some silver beads to complete the work - can you see how frustrating it can be!!
Luckily for the moment I have a good supply but it can fast run out and with party's and internet sales I really can't afford to do that - so lets hope it all gets sorted quickly!

The above bracelet is fabulous purple (remember the shops are full of this colour ;) )I did make earrings with the same beads which I can't remember if I showed you before so for the slight chance of repeating myself here they are!!


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Crafted Gems said...

you always make my beads look so good

KARA said...

oh these are so gorgeous, I think these are my fave beads ever of carolines, that colour is so vibrant, I am loving the bracelet, you always have the most amazing silver, looks like sales have been good for you misses.
Question - are you making your ear wires I love the shape to them, I am so unhappy with store ones, how much would you charge ?

Kebo Jewellery said...

Gorgeous, I love the colours and that clasps so chic!!

Anonymous said...

I can't take my eyes of that toggle! (can you hear my brain going into overdrive?!?).

Caroline has made such gorgeous beads, what a lovely shade of purple they are - and so well 'framed' too!!!

BetteJo said...

Hey - thanks for stopping by my blog - I LOVE your jewelry! Beautiful!

KARA said...

oh Jo just seen the link to that clothes store opium, oh i am in love are they exspensive ?