I have been busy today - not sure if I'm anywhere close to finishing but I'm getting there - what ever is she going on about I here you ask ----- my next party!! I have bracelets and necklaces and a couple of new earrings - just hope there is enough for everyone!

Sorry for the waffle I've been shut up in my bead room all day with no food lol - after the amount of cappacinos I drank while in Bath maybe I'm having withdrawals - mmm now which one was best , Browns I think wins - Sunday morning sitting in the sunshine watching the world go by!! The above bracelet is with Isabelle Andersons beads, onyx, and bali silver - the artisan glass beads remind me of rock formations - can you see it???

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KARA said...

I am in love with that Bracelet what a fab mix, you are so amazing.
Thanks so much for your kind words on Brandi's blog it really made me feel special.

Catherine said...

Doesn't Isabelle Anderson make the most amazing beads! The bracelet is just gorgeous.

Catherine x

Beverley Abbott said...

Fantastic stuff as per usual my likkle ikkle lovie doo doo!!
Hope the party goes really well!
Love bev xxxx