Whether you live in Wales, Scotland or Cornwall there is always connections to King Arthur, of course being Cornish you can guess where I think he was lol but the stories of Lyonesse are - ok in my eyes - pointing to the Isles of Scillies especially when you know there are signs under the water of walls and fields!!
The website The Land of King Arthur gives some idea of what I'm talking about- have a read - and then remember we also have Tintagel ;0). Any one lucky enough to visit Cornwall will understand the mystical land we live in!!

Of course I couldn't finish without Tresco !!

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Jennifer said...

ooooo!!! Jo, you KNOW I'd love these!! Gorgeous!!

KARA said...

wow how amazing are the patterns in those beads, and of course superstar you have teamed them with the most beautiful silver beads to make an incredable piece.
love everything as always, you always have an interesting tale