Hurrah I'm better and my mojo is back!!! I decided after making my commission piece chamr bracelets are very theraputic to make - well for me anyway!! Caroline made me these fab beads which to me have all the essence of autumn and the transition from Summer (Hence the name!!) LOts of fabulous colours, browns, greens, blues, purples, golds so hopefully I managed to pull these colours out in my photos.


Using a mixture of swarovski crystals, gemstones and silver leaf charms this bracelet has turned out to be a wonderful swishing bracelet! Imagine walking through piles of fallen leaves - thats the sound I mean!!

Elli has lost tooth number two now - she was thrilled by the fact she asked the tooth fairy for 2 x 50p and thats what she got (good job she told Mummy first - so she could ring the tooth fairy and prepare her ;0) ) My baby is making some transitions of her own!

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mdmB said...

This bracelet is absolutely gorgeous! Amazing beads and colors!

Average White Female said...

Hi Jo,
It's nice to find fellow bloggers, I don't feel alone now!
Lisa ;-0

Maz Simpson said...

Wow - I love the colours in this Jo, unusual and gorgeous!

Maz x