Big sorry for those of you expecting a post over the weekend - not only a party on Friday but my silver work course over the weekend plus a bout of cystitis meant I was extremly tired and low (still am:( ) I think I pushed myself to continue over the weekend but peeing razor blades (No not literally!!) meant I was phsically drained! The course was fantastic (at Mid Cornwall School of Jewellery)we made a bracelet chain to begin with so when my soldering stuff arrives expect some delights!! A ring was next and its amazing watching something trasform - I'm wearing it now!) also a pendant and earrings.
Excuse the photos I have been nagged for them ;0) so took them quickly!! I met some wonderful ladies (*waves hello if you are reading) all who are really talented!
The bracelet is sterling silver, fired, soldered and put together of course cleaned and polished!

The earrings need to go in my tumbler but I'm really happy with them, the pendant is quite large but looks fab on a long chain!

And this is my hammered ring - its much more shiny than this picture showed but I wanted to also show you the texture!
A fabulous highly recommended weekend!
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Anonymous said...

Oooh I've been waiting for these photos! (sorry for nagging!!!)

Just gorgeous. I think I like the pendant best .... or maybe the ring!

As silly as it sounds I'm really excited for you taking this new journey. (we get to talk torches and tools not just beads! lol) :o)

ButterflyBeadwear said...

Hi Jo
I think your very brave. Your new stuff looks great, I like the earrings the most, I think!! Can't wait to see what these you come up with.
Hope you are feeling better soon, take care and enjoy your new toy!

Maz Simpson said...

Ooh Jo, you lucky thing, the course sounded great, and you have some gorgeous goodies there!!

I'm having to rely on books/online tuts - my attempts are in one piece so I guess I did something right :)

Hope you're feeling better soon!
Maz x

Jennifer said...

Woohooo!!!! Sorry you didn't feel well Jo, but, I'm so excited to see your course work!!!! I'm in looove with the chain and your ring! *grin*


Kebo Jewellery said...

Sorry to hear you are poorly Jo.

I love what you did on the course...I am very jealous cos I have just finished my 3rd class (total 6 hrs) and have only just finished my ring and ready to start on a new project!!!!

Kelly x

Average White Female said...

Hi Jo,
I'm starting a creative blog as I'm on a new direction with my art course - I didn't think about blogging about the jewellery course - good idea - I second that it was brilliant.
New blog:

Brandi said...

Jo, those are fantabulous!!! I lovelovelove them (you've definitely found your calling, my friend). :)

So, the course is great, but what about your party? Was it a jewelry party or am I just confused?

Brandi said...

P.S. From one ill person (meaning physically, not mentally, though I'm 92.7% sure 'mentally ill' could be applied to me, haha), I'm sorry! Cuddle into bed and rest.

Beverley Abbott said...

Absolutley fab my mate! your lovely new work is brilliant.Hope you are feeling better now and the razor blades have stopped!

love bev xxx

Laura said...

Lovely silverwork, Jo! I really like that ring! Well done you.

Hope you feel better soon.

KARA said...

wow Jo just saw this course, how jealous am I, I have wanted to do a course like that and wow your pieces look amazing the ring and pendant are my fave
Cyctis is a killer