Double Countdown!

Double countdown - one day until the party and 2 days until my silver course begins!! SO Of course I'm beavering away trying to get inventory and pricing done and hoping I have enough stock for everybody!! Its not something I enjoy - the inventory I mean - I much prefer the creating the preparation and paperwork is just something that has to be done!


I thought firstly I would show you a couple of commissions I've been working on. The first a very chunky charm bracelet with Caroline Hannons beads creating the starting point, with lemon quartz, citrine, silver, and swarovski crystals. The second is a chunky chainmaille bracelet with crystal quartz focal to signify 15 year anniversary - and it looks delightful on (Congrats Clare and Ian) Now I'm going to show you something I have never done before - use gold - I actually used Gold Vermeil which is 24k gold over sterling silver so I haven't strayed too far off the path and don't panic I won't be changing my alliance lol !!!

But don't they look warm and inviting!! I have used Gold rutilated Quartz and citrine - which adds to the warm look - these earrings are so dainty too!

So comments please :D

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Kebo Jewellery said...

Lovely work as always Jo!!

Good luck with the party and I hope you have a great time on your course!!

Kelly :o)

Brandi said...

Wow, I adore that chainmaille bracelet! Congrats to the couple!

And yay for Jo! Two exciting events - best of luck to you for your show, and have a great first day in your course!

(Yes, I love exclamation points. It's true. LOL)

Melissa said...

I LOVE that second bracelet! That style is so gorgeous, I drool over it each time I see it! :D

Anonymous said...

Good luck with the party and can't wait to see what you make on your course!

That charm bracelet is just gorgeous, I love the combination of beads you've used but wow - those earrings are fantastic too! Lovely to see gold for a change, I'd love to use it but it seems to cost so much more.

Anyway, speak to you soon! :o)


Crafted Gems said...

oh there all lovely, good luck for the course and the party, i'm sure both will go well

Brandi said...

Hey Jo, thanks for the hugs! :) Yes, I did get your email - thank you! I think I'm just going to order some fine silver, like you suggested. To keep using sterling, I'd have to use flux and pickle, and really, the simpler the steps, the better, I think. The ones I've made I'll just oxidize! :)