Last day of Freedom!!


Last day before school starts - I love having Elli home with me - I love the freedom of time, I love the laughter from the garden when her friends come over to play, the bouncing of her floorboards when they dance to the music played in her bedroom, I love watching her learn and grown from bikes without stabilisers and riding the trail. Most of all I love time spent with my daughter !


As you can see I have been making earrings - I sold a fair few this weekend and four last week so it was time to get making some more! I love making earrings especially after a morning like I've had! I've been creating a piece in my head since the lampwork arrived but what ever I did with it, for some reason or another, wouldn't work - I've wasted so much sterling silver wire you wouldn't believe ( although my scrap pot is a bottomless pit!!) But never mind my latest piece (yes its finished and yes I'll show you tomorrow!!)

I think my muse has gone on holiday - I wonder where she has gone - somewhere exotic I hope I mean it would be a bit of a waste if she'd only gone to Newquay!!! So where would I like to visit *Jo scratched head, Mauritious, St Lucia, Antigua, somewhere where the sea is not only warm but clear and blue with golden sands......

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KARA said...

my muse left ages ago and seems to be having far to good of a time where she is.
But I have to disagree with yours cause my those earrings are pretty

ButterflyBeadwear said...

Hi Jo
Just been catching up with your latest creations, great stuff, I love the Beach Baby (those pebbles look wonderful, and Nerja bracelet is wonderful too- you found some great lampwork.
I'm sure you will miss dd a lot when she goes back to school, I've been looking at nurseries for Melissa today, I don't know what to do-I shall miss her and be worried sick about her all morning if deicide to send her!!!!

Beverley Abbott said...

Jo, my luffley friend your earrings are absolutely fab and not OTT like you said they where! And what you said about Ellie - well i nearly cried it was so lovely and just makes you think how lucky you are doesnt it - treasure every moment hun cos they grow up all too soon and into horrid creature things LOL!!
love bev xx

Gemheaven said...

Lol Bevc they aren't the OTT ones - they're being posted tomorrow hahaha

Kebo Jewellery said...

I love the earrings Jo. I too have sold loads recently...I guess this seasons trend is fab earrings!!!

You sound like such a great, cool, fun Mum, I bet Ellie is a great little girl!!!

K x

fhiona galloway said...

ooh I like those ones at the top of the post...will need to go and take a look on your site now!