Hair day!

Can you believe it On Tuesday I forgot my hairdressers appointment! Now anyone who knows me will say its not the sort of thing I would ever do, you see my hair is my favourite part of me! Luckily Helen, my hairdresser knew its a one off - we laughed about my appointment card being hid underneath a pile of beads and we had it rebooked for today - so tonight I feel revived and pampered - noo wonder my friends thought my hair had grown!!

This necklace was inspired by the lovely talented Jennifer Casady - it wasn't a conscious desicion but when it was finished it so reminded me of her work (I think her work is more glamourous and elegant!) I named her Closely Linked though after Rosie who thought up the name at my last jewellery party and because I have so much in common with the lovely Jennifer (my love of her jewellery and her love of my beady box!!!) I thought the name was apt - so here's to Jennifer and Rosie!

© Gemheaven 2007


Beverley Abbott said...


ButterflyBeadwear said...

Excellent work yet again Jo! That must have taken a long time!

Jennifer said...

Thank you Jo for the beautiful compliments! Your sweet heart and generous nature are reflected in each of the gorgeous pieces you design and lovingly make.

*hugs* - Jennifer