Amber Moon

Sorry first for leaving you all in the lurch these past few days - its not like me really I prefer to post at least every other day if not every day, but I had nothing to show you. Stock was low and I was desperately waiting for a silver order to arrive before creations and designs could flow again - but hurrah it came and so did the ideas!!!

Another reason for my missing posts was not only did I have my party on Friday night but Saturday was an evening out with the girls (they lead me astray honest!) and Mar's Birthday party which was lovely - shame I suffered Sunday really!!! My E has also been away playing in a golf tournament and he actually won so he's going to be going to Germany next year to play in the World final!! How proud am I??


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Beverley Abbott said...

fandabbydozy for your Ian!
Love the bracelet and the silver beads/leafs (cant make up my mind what they remind me of but the are lovely!
Love bev xxx

KARA said...

Oh lovie you buy the most beautiful silver and always do an incredable job with it, sounds like you have been having lots of fun

fhiona galloway said...

Ooh!! that's very pretty!
Congrats on "E" winning the golf.

Brandi said...

Congrats to your E!! How truly exciting... I mean, wow!

And yayayayay for your silver order coming in - I like to look at your pretty pictures. :)