Pond Life!

These cute little earrings have lilypad like flowers on them (well I can see them anyway!!) and I actually dreamt what to do with them! (and the name) do you think someone was having a laugh ;)

The pretty flowers actually look like lilypads hence the name and like the earrings I added some prehinite to the centre. This bracelet took me forever to finish as I wanted her to become a necklace so she fought and won - am I loosing my mind!! If you think I am then blame Hannah @ kutuu she asked me today how many lampwork sets I have (those I haven't created with yet) I counted eeeeekkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk! You surely don't expect me to tell you that .......;0)

© Gemheaven 2007


Beverley Abbott said...

Excellent stuff as always my matey!!
I bet you have not got as many sets of lampwork as me LOL!!!
love bev xxx

Maz Simpson said...

Gorgeous!! I love what you do with lampwork.. just stunning :-)
Maz x

KARA said...

great pieces Jo, I see the lilypad too.
How many sets do you have do tell

Anonymous said...

Hehe, sorry - did I give you a shock?!

I love your new pieces, especially the fairytale theme you've given to them, just perfect. :o)