Earrings galore Part 2!

Yes I'm still making earrings - I absolutely love these ones with the fabulous hammered discs by Hannah of Kutuu I think I will be making lots like these (Get busy Hannah) These are with little faceted black onyx and they hang beautifully!


This second pair have texturised discs with Ruby's - yes genuine rubies aren't they gorgeous ( July birthstone!) I really need to photograph them hanging as they are beautiful.

Hasn't the weather been hot today - the cat bless him caught a beautiful blue/green dragonfly which my daughter saved - it went still and quiet and Elli cried and popped it in a funeral - thats what she called it - a little section for princesses in the lounge surronded it in jewels -"Its died Mummy" she said with tears in her big eyes (Oh I thought I wonder if Hannah can use the wings on her rolling mill - then promptly slapped myself !) Then all of a sudden about 15 mins later it started moving so bang goes my little earrings made of the wings (On silver not actually the wings!!!) but my Elli is happy - and thats what counts ;0)

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Crafted Gems said...

those are beautiful Jo as usual

Beverley Abbott said...

Oh bless your Ellie - she sounds adorable!
I love love love the ruby earrings - they are just what I would like for my birthday in November although Im not hinting you do realise LOL! Oh and Gordon Ramsey fancies me and only me!
love bev xxx

Crafted Gems said...

come on ladies no more fighting over Gordon!!!!!!