View from a Satellite

I've had these stunning beads by Isabelle for a couple of weeks now and I loved them so much I couldn't bring myself to make anything - I knew what to do with them but it was only yesterday when I counted up my bead sets and realised I have a bead addiction I knew it was time to make something else ;0)

My lovely friend Clare thought I should call this set Google Earth but I wasn't sure and then I realised this is the sort of sights someone in a satellite station would see - now someone is going to tell me no one lives in satellites - if so can we pretend....

I'm still busy creating here - I've made many sales and the website is looking a little threadbare so as I have a party in 8 days time ...... Luckily I bought another set of beads last night lol just to make up the set I've just used - I'm only joking (I think!!)

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KARA said...

I am surprised Izzy has even left the torch all the beads you seem to have LOL.
Those beads are amazing I think they are some of her best, great name very fitting.
Love the bracelet, pre tell where did you get those gorgeous chunky silver beads, you know I love chunky

Melissa said...

I am in love with these beads! They really do remind me of google earth.

Caroline B said...

What fabulous beads! Love what you have done with them too.